About Corblu

Corblu Ecology is a unique and innovative private firm specializing in mitigation and conservation banking, ecosystem restoration, traditional environmental consulting services, and the development of emerging environmental markets.

Corblu is a pioneer in mitigation and conservation banking in the southeast and has earned a reputation among private and public sectors as well as with regulatory agencies for maintaining uncompromising standards in the origination, development, implementation, and management of environmental assets.

Our experience, capabilities, and company-wide commitment to excellence is evident not only in our work product, but in all aspects of our business.

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Our Team

  • Trevor Caldwell

  • Barney Crooks

  • Marion Hammes

  • Hall Lauer

  • Jennifer Pahl

  • Jeannie Pierannunzi

  • Gregory Smith

  • Rick Whiteside
  • Heidi Hollins
  • Neil Blackman
  • Shanna Cahill
  • Mike Barfield
  • Torren Hoyord
  • Micah Whiteside

  • Mackenzie Wallace

  • Matt Otto

  • Andy Whorton

  • James Davis

  • Shane Keebaugh