Mitigation and Conservation Banking Services

Corblu is fully staffed and trained in all the necessary disciplines to successfully site, acquire, originate, design, permit, implement, manage and monitor wetland and stream mitigation banks within any U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or USDA Food Security Act jurisdiction.  Corblu is widely considered a leader in the mitigation banking industry and has successfully developed and managed over 70 commercial, municipal, and single user wetland and stream mitigation banks and In-Lieu Fee (ILF) projects in multiple Corps Districts. In addition, Corblu has successfully developed the only agricultural wetland mitigation bank in Georgia through the USDA-NRCS Wetland Mitigation Banking Program which offers new options to farmers to mitigate wetlands impacted by agricultural activities.

Corblu is capable of providing complete turnkey mitigation bank services including initial site selection and asset origination, land acquisition, baseline studies, restoration design and implementation, regulatory coordination and permitting, construction oversight and observation, long-term management monitoring, and credit marketing and sales.

We provide the following Mitigation/Conservation Banking Services:

  • Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank Development
  • Agricultural Wetland Mitigation Banking
  • Species Conservation Banking
  • Watershed Based 404 Feasibility Assessments and Analysis
  • Conservation Area Priority Analysis
  • Mitigation Bank Planning, Development, Design, and Implementation
  • Site Preparation Activities
  • Construction Oversight and Management
  • Long-Term Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management
  • Mitigation Credit Marketing, Sales, Reporting, and Accounting