Jenny Creek Mitigation Bank

Jenny Creek Mitigation Bank is an approved U.S. Army Corps of Engineers mitigation bank offering stream mitigation credits for all types of stream and buffer impacts in the Upper Chattahoochee River Service Area. The Bank includes nearly 60 acres and 13,000 linear feet of stream and riparian restoration and preservation along Jenny Creek and its tributaries in White County, Georgia.

Aquatic biological communities and channel stability at the site were severely impaired by agricultural uses, including a cow-calf operation and row cropping. Priority 1 channel restoration using natural channel design and riparian restoration and preservation were preformed to improve habitat and reduce erosion. The Bank is located adjacent to the Chattahoochee National Forest and within an area identified by the State Wildlife Action Plan as a conservation opportunity based on the presence of contiguous forest and rare

Bank Info
Size: 60 +/- acres
Mitigation: Stream and Riparian Buffer
Location: White County, Georgia
34°38’32” N 83°49’51” W
Service Area: Upper Chattahoochee

Upper Chattahoochee River (03130001)

Middle Chattahoochee River (03130002)

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